Senior Powertrain Performance Modeling Engineer

3 - 5 years
Full Time
United States
Palo Alto, CA
February 28, 2019

The Role

As a member of the powertrain architecture, controls, and modeling team, you will be responsible for the development, operation, and validation of all component and system models. You will use the model(s) to predict component-, powertrain-, and vehicle performance to inform component specification and control algorithm development.


  • Advance the capabilities of and intellectual property of Tesla’s in-house powertrain performance model
  • Work with the model to produce repeatable and dependable results for various stakeholders within the organization
  • Produce presentations of said results to inform tradeoff studies, specifications, and control algorithm design for thermal, motor, battery pack, power electronics, and vehicle systems
  • Develop a consistent framework for reporting progress of model and component development as components go from conception to prototype to fully-production status


  • Excellent first-principle physics understanding of electrical and mechanical systems, power delivery, energy storage and transformation, and basic thermo- and aero-dynamics
  • Hybrid or electric powertrain component model development and data analysis in Matlab/Simulink
  • Advanced Matlab script development and experience with large datasets and complicated models
  • Advanced Excel and Powerpoint skills
  • Strong communication skills and preference for working in teams
  • Greater than 3 years’ experience utilizing the essential skills above
  • BS/MS/PhD degree in Physics/ME or equivalent
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