About Us

The first thing you might wonder is who we are and what we are dealing with.
Welcome to invokeGeek, a world platform matching employers and talented individuals looking for a job.
For a long time, we have been a real bridge between the recruiting field and professionals from all over the world who have decided to find or change their jobs. Today, we have a strong platform providing a sophisticated job search and recruitment on a global basis. No doubt, job market is flooded with resumes and job offers, so it is not an easy matter to go through this array and find a true match.
Thus, our aim as a leading platform is to deliver a quality audience for our customers and to help this audience find a job.
Our system works quickly, so whenever you log in, you can start exploring.
Our main values:
1. To be innovative at any field
2. To treat the world equally and sensibly
3. To put at first place our Candidates and Customers
4. To be open and trusty
We strive for improving our company and the job market.

Segments We Concentrate On

Our platform is a showcase for relevant brands experiencing staff shortage. They are in a constant need for talents seeking for a job. Here are some of the segments:

AR/VR AI B2C/B2B Technology
BI Big Data/Analytics Billing
Bio Technology Blockchain BPM/CRM/CCM
Cyber Security Data Science Finance Technology
IT IoT Machine Learning
Marketing Technology SaaS/PaaS Risk Management
Robotics/Drones Tech Education Tech Innovations

Sectors We Concentrate On

Created to serve all major sectors, we help leading companies from all over the world advertise IT jobs and scrutinize content on our platform. Get to know how our innovative approach, broad scope and a special positioning can be used for the talent acquisition of your company. Here are the sectors:

Construction Educational Services Engineering
Finance and Issuance Government and Nonprofit Healthcare and Social Assistance
IT Laboratory and Chemical Hospitality
Life Sciences Manufacturing Advertising and Marketing
Energy and Mining Professional and Business Services Retail and E-commerce
Security Logistics Wholesale trade

Our Audience

With IT jobs positioning, invokeGeek interacts a target audience of hundreds of specialists due to high-quality content that is skill-based, knowledge-based and, a key point, intent-based. We provide exclusive job opportunities, helpful advice, tools for successful search and insights to create a fully involved and ready-to-go audience.

The way we can help you

For candidates

On our website global job opportunities for people experienced in technology professions and other IT-oriented fields are provided. We enable our candidates to work in western countries, including in Europe, and in some other countries.
The platform is updated 24/7, and many jobs are not available anywhere except on our website. Being unique is our mission.
All candidates can benefit from a substantial reserve of latest job offers and our sophisticated job search is designed to focus on interests. By using various parameters, you can narrow your search and find what you are looking for and what matches your professional skills.
If you do not want to miss a good match, switch on the job alerts and you will be noticed on time.
So, everything from salaries to up-to-date skills can be found on our website, and you can put you in front of the opportunities that make the most sense at every stage of your career.
No more waste of time surfing the pages of many job sites with a variety of jobs that are not relevant to your skill requirements.

For recruiters

Our easy to use system helps companies find the most prominent candidates from its large constantly refreshed database of ready-to-work IT job seekers.
Our website interacts those who want to be a strong candidate for top positions, those who are ready to do their best to fulfil your requirements and to go from ordinary to great things.
invokeGeek is also a space for the most difficult to work with candidates – tech professionals. You will certainly find a person you need. And fast.


With interesting subscription packages prices, an updated candidates’ database and other benefits, our platform is frequently chosen by employers. For a more detailed information, click to our Pricing section.

Highly-qualified assistance

Sticking to innovations and improvements, we have the technology, infrastructure and processes to deliver the high level of assistance and client service. We make sure that all our jobs published here are on the level you need. Our website simplifies the way recruiters find their candidates and vice versa. And the talent matching system will reduce 99% of your time spent on searching for a job.


As we strive to interact talented candidates, audience engagement is our most important task to gain success. There are two metrics that are of importance for measuring engagement and the traffic quality: 1 – time-on-page and 2 – page-flow.
These metrics are a key to our clients, and they offer the best value and a highly-qualified traffic to the job offers and a branded content.
The time-on-page metric is an average amount of time candidates spent reading the brand content and job offers. As seen from the picture, a user engagement is quite high with more than 3 minutes spent on a page.
Other figures show that the built-in technology of searching for a job or a candidate reduces time of both employers and candidates. There are only 4 steps to post a job, and this will take 3 minutes of your life. We are eager to saving time of our clients!

invokeGeek team works on enhancing platform efficiency to meet the requirements of our clients and to maximize these metrics.

Why post your jobs on invokeGeek?

No doubt, today’s talent acquisition requires a modern approach. Our innovative platform offers advanced techniques to reach both active and passive candidates. Our proposal is market segmentation to required skills and location and a high user engagement.
If you want to post a vacancy on our website or create a company profile, there are many pros to posting, including:

Low Pricing

We provide inexpensive packages to get access to our products and solutions for both job seekers and employers. You will certainly economize instead of paying to many recruiting agencies.


Our job platform works fast. The job posting is simple and untroublesome, and you’ll get to know the acknowledgement of your placement within seconds. Employers have a chance to quickly reach candidates willing to get a job.


Employers can control statistics for job applications and apply clicks. This gives you an insight for investment spending.

Ease of Use

We offer a simple and easy-to-use system for our clients. Create your account for free, choose your role and be ready to travel through our website.